Amandine and Alexia are old friends, they met in Montreal in 2007 and studied together in Paris. Today Amandine lives in Marseille and Alexia in Berlin. They are both artists, photographers and mothers. While Covid 19 hits the whole world, expanding into a global pandemic and isolating populations inside their homes, Amandine and Alexia took the opportunity to reconnect and work together on the artistic collaborative project : ‘V600 & 4500’, an email correspondence using images edited with texts. The texts follow a common structure, they start by responding to a question and end by a new interrogation. It is an intimate dialogue which addresses everyday’s life during the confinement, whilst recollecting childhood memories and sharing personal reflections. The images are composed with home scanners. These particular digitised images express the immediate need to document this odd moment of time. Although the work only exists as online data, it carries texture, the authentic sig- nature of its authors - e.g. a fingerprint, the particle of a breath, the touch of a children’s hand, an abandoned hair on the glass mirror... The work is both read as a poetic archive of the grand 2020 lockdown and the testimony of two artists’ past and present lives, within a forever transforming world. Furthermore, the exclusive use of the scanner restricts dramatically the technical possibilities and encouraged its operator to rethink the creation of an image with increased creativity and ingenuity - a similar feeling emanates from the lockdown during which people had to be more inventive to overcome practical changes such as unemployment, food shortage, limited travel, home schooling or even limited home space. The sequences image / text shared daily via email created a fluid exchange. Along the way, the correspondence transformed into a precious and cherished ritual., enabling both Amandine and Alexia to endure the long reclusion. ‘V600 & 4500’ is extensively a statement of affection and solidarity:‘We are alone but together’.